About Us

We are Stuart, Beth and Lachlan Campbell and we call Onegum home.

Stuart, my dad, is the boots on the ground of Onegum. When he is not 'chooking and ducking' (as he likes to put it) he spends his time and effort in ensuring that our guests have a memorable and seamless stay at Onegum. My old man is a friendly and enthusiastic fellow and he loves nothing more then to show people the property and to give recommendations about what to do in the local area.

Beth, my mum, creates all the gourmet treats that you receive during your stay at Onegum. She cooks everything from scratch and utilises fresh, local and organic produce to make her delicacies.

I'm Lachlan and I run the administrative side of Onegum. I grew up on Onegum and one day I plan to retire there as well. Currently my wife, Tori, our son Archie and I are living in Perth but we still get down south as much as we can. Tori is from the town of Denmark (75km south of Onegum) and her parents are fixtures in the Australian wine making scene. They are the owners of the winery Harewood Estate and Bartholomew's Meadery. Although I'm not down at Onegum at the moment I'm always contactable and more then happy to give recommendations or insights on the Great Southern region.

Dad, Me and Mum

Dad, Me and Mum